On 1 st Feb 2011. Satkar Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. Was founded by Mr. Manish Jain. Earlier he had worked in a software company in the field of Marketing. He has 8 years of Marketing Experience. Although he is belongs to a business family. So from the school days he worked with his father Mr. Gajendra Kumar Jain.

In Feb. 2011 he started SATKAR with just one laptop & hundred business cards, and then the tough journey started, everything was not going good. No Client base, No funds and obviously expenses was more than the revenue of the company.

In Mr. Manish words – “When I was manage one thing, the other one shattered like if I got a project, then the internet was not working, when I solved that then employee didn’t came, when employee came then lights goes down, then lights came then system damaged. And then I got a call from a client to get refund his money which I took as an advance. And if this not enough one client mailed and said that I am fraudster. So the best part is there was not a single issue which I didn’t faced.

But gradually after six years of the company we have more than 1000 delighted clients with the tag of BEST WEB DESIGNING & SEO SERVICE COMPANY in Pune. Anyone can make website and can delivered to his clients but the major role of the service industry to give good service. Now we have lots of Positive testimonials and reviews on our SATKAR INFOTECH Face book Page.

In Mr. Manish Words

I learned two things in span of eight years is that -


- I Skipped Lunch for almost one year when I was on job, just to save 30rs.
- I cried a lot as I am very much emotional but didn’t give-up.
And if I am writing this, it does not mean that this is the end I have to do a lot more better things for myself and for the contribution in the society…PICTURE ABHI BAKI HAI MERE DOST.

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